We would like to thank the individuals and organizations who made it possible to complete this report. Firstly, we would like to thank EIT Digital as a whole; EIT Digital as the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization driving Europe’s digital transformation was extremely supportive of the data collection and writing of this report. Through the ARISE outreach programme and intensified activities in Portugal, mainly their partnership with BGI, EIT Digital has put Portugal's scale-ups in the focus of their attention. More specifically, we would like to thank Fabio Pianesi and Thomas Kosters for their invaluable support.

We also want to thank our data partners Informa D&B, for giving us access to their vast databases. Their support made it easier for us to compile data critical to our analysis. They have made our report more credible.Furthermore we want to thank the following individuals in no particular order for their contributions especially in regards to data validation; Tomás Penaguião (Bynd Venture Capital), Helena Taveira (Portugal ventures), Helena Maio (Portugal ventures), Ricardo Jacinto (Shilling Capital), Joao Pedro Marins (Made of Lisboa), Margarida Figueiredo (Municipality of Lisbon), Alexandre Mendes (Startup Braga), Tocha (Olisipo Way).

Finally, we acknowledge the contribution of the BGI team for their tireless effort in the preparation of this report. Each person’s role has been instrumental to the success of the report. Gonçalo Amorim (CEO; Editor-in-Chief), Sofia Fernandes (Head of marketing & Projects; Project Manager & Editor), Nuno Serra (Head of Operations; Editor), Tomé Canas (Head of Open Innovation; Editor), Otitooluwa Dosumu (EIT Digital Projects Manager; Data Analysis & Reporting), Claudia Carocha (Project Manager Climate KIC; Data Collation & Validation), Beatriz Riscado (Community Manager; Event Planning), Sami Harakett (Marketing Intern; Graphic Design), Alexis D’Alessandro (Sustainability Intern; Editor).




Study Limitations

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