Margarida Figueiredo

General Director for Economy and Innovation

From Lisbon’s City Council point of view, we believe BGI’s report represents a big learning opportunity, delivering valuable insights to drive public policies supporting startups becoming scale-ups.

Although this is a critical subject, as it helps understanding the context in which Startups are provided the right conditions to thrive, there’s very little work about it developed in our country (most existing works are focused on startups). 

In that sense, we feel BGI’s work fills a gap in terms of analysing the evolution of these type of players in the Portuguese Entrepreneurial Fabric and can, hopefully, inspire other institutions to follow up BGI’s initiative contributing to strengthen our national economy.  

We recognise this work’s importance as it evidences the potential of this ecosystem, also focusing on improvement opportunities. The knowledge and characterization that comes with this report will allow to know trends and opportunities, create potential synergies and a spirit of cohesion between the community and its stakeholders, thus accelerating its evolution more efficiently and ensuring survival.

Av. das Forças Armadas
1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal
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